Technical requirements for research paper

1. Papers are accepted for consideration in Russian and English;

2. The volume of the paper in Russian: 2000-4000 words, in English: 2500-5000 words;

3. Originality of the text should be at least 80%;

4. One should use the Microsoft Word editor for Windows for typing, formulas and tables. Text parameters: all margins - 2 cm; font - Times New Roman, size - 12; line spacing - 1.5; width alignment; paragraph indent - 1 cm; sheet orientation - portrait;

5. All visual objects should be provided in a format that allows formatting (necessary for the translation). All image files must be numbered (Fig1, Fig2, etc.). The names of the figures should be given at the end of the article (Figure 1. The name of the figure). Any drawings (including graphs and charts) should be equally informative both in color and in black and white;

6. Tables are placed in the article itself. Below the table it is necessary to give the table number and name (for example, Table 3. Table name);

7. Registration of paper metadata: 1. Full title of the paper; 2. A shortened version of the title of the paper (Running title); 3. Name of the author; 4. Academic title, academic degree, position; 5. Place of work: department, faculty, university name; 6. City, country; 7. Work address with zip code, work phone. 8. Email. 9. Grant information (if any). If there are several authors, the information is repeated for each author.

8. The text of the paper should be divided into parts. The headings should be signed: Abstract. Keywords. Materials and methods. Literature Review (optionally). Results. Discussions. Conclusions. Acknowledgments. References.

9. Annotation. The optimal volume is 150 words (at least 100 and not more than 250 words in Russian or 200 in English). The abstract should include information on the purpose of the study, methodology, results, conclusions.

10. Keywords - 5 words. Keywords are separated by semicolons;

11. The list of references is given in alphabetical order with continuous numbering. References in the text to the appropriate source from the list of references are made out in square brackets, for example: [1, p. 277]. The use of automatic page links is not allowed. The list of references should contain at least 5 and no more than 25 sources (depending on the volume of work). Most of them should be in the last 3-5 years and in English.